6 Tips To Protect Yourself In Badminton

There are numerous possible injuries one might potentially get as a result of playing badminton. The typical ones are reduced neck and back pain, sprained ankle joint, tennis joint and also tendon tear.

If you are a serious tennis gamer, you ought to take precautions to stop these injuries. The even more extreme you are throughout your game, the greater opportunity that you’ll obtain these injuries.

1. Warm Up/Warm down as well as Stretching

The reason that expert tennis gamers spend regarding 30 mins in complete to warm up/warm down is since they know the threats involved if they avoid their heat up sessions.

Failure to heat up and also stretch prior to workout may lead to muscle mass draws. Not only does heat up and also stretching help avoid muscle mass pulls; it will also help increase your efficiency when you play.

For that reason, do not obtain also anxious to begin playing when you get to the badminton court. Spend a couple of minutes to heat up and also stretch so that your muscular tissues are loosened up and also are a lot more adaptable during your tennis session.

2. Correct Technique

It is additionally vital that you carry out the appropriate badminton strategies in any way times. Performing the incorrect techniques not only makes you choke up, you could obtain hurt!

The non-racket arm plays a really crucial function in assisting you preserve body balance in badminton. It’s vital at all times that you utilize your non-racket arm to balance the weight of your racket arm.

If you implement a badminton dive smash without using your non-racket arm to keep equilibrium, there’s a high opportunity that you will certainly injure the muscles around your midsection, thus triggering lower back injuries.

Likewise, doing the wrong badminton strokes might create you applying unneeded stamina. This might make you draw a muscle.

3. Utilize the Correct Racket

Using the wrong tennis noise is an usual cause for injuries. Seek advice from the racket dealership or any kind of specialists on what noise best suits you.

Selecting a racket with a hefty head (power noise) may trigger shoulder injuries to beginners. Power rackets are challenging to need the individual and manage to have great badminton strokes method.

4. Correct String Tension

Just like selecting the best tennis noise, you must use the appropriate string stress!

Higher string stress are for control. Reduced string tensions are for power.

The majority of professional gamers utilize string stress above 30lbs (very high stress).

It benefits you to choose between 20-26lbs. Remember, the higher the string stress, the less power in your stroke. This causes a higher possibility of obtaining wounded while aiming to put in even more power into your strokes.

5. Right Badminton Shoes

You need to obtain a set of tennis shoes. Badminton shoes are specifically made to soak up shocks as well as effects.

The method the video game of tennis is played is dangerous to the knee cap. You have to obtain footwears that are good shock absorbers to prevent injuries on your knee cap and your shin bone.

6. Do Not Play for Too Long

Too much of anything is not good. This typical expression relates to badminton too.

Playing tennis for lengthy hours will certainly hurt your shin bone/knee cap/ankle as you continually lunge ahead to obtain the shuttle bus.

Lunging forward is damaging to your dominant leg as it will certainly have to soak up all the momentum from your lunge. That’s why the appropriate tennis footwears helps in reducing the effect.


Overall, like other sport, injuries can be prevented conveniently if you take the required actions to minimize the possibility of injuries.


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